GDPR Privacy Policy 

Our website does not collect or process personal information.

Our website has an informative / mediating role.
We do not ask for any personal information on our website.
If you click on the “OpenAlexa Registration” link, you will be taken to the official OpenAlexa website.

From then on, the data management of the OpenAlexa website will prevail.

Registration for the OpenAlexa option is not tied to a personal email address, only an ETH ID is required for re-registration. The ETH ID is anonymous. The blockchain is anonymous. 

We only measure visitor statistics on our website, using the WP Statistic plugin.

Cookie Info: Like any other website, the statistics plugin uses cookies to measure visitor statistics. Accepting or rejecting cookies is an option, you decide whether to accept them.
Cookies cannot identify anyone, so they are for statistical purposes only.

Therefore, no personal data is processed on our website.

Thank You!


Registration info and link

GDPR – Privacy Policy

The website is not an official site of OpenAlexa.

GDPR info: This website does not request or handle personal data, it only measures visitor statistics. 

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